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  Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!  

This part of the site is dedicated to answering frequently asked questions about our tours and coach tours in general. If you have a question, please email us and we will answer your question directly, and if it appears to be more general, we will post it to the web site (without identifying you).

HELP! I have been called up for Jury Service!!!!!

Please note that this information has been taken from the jury duty web site.

Jury service plays a central role in our justice system. It allows members of our community to play an active role in the administration of justice. Sometimes people will be called for Jury Duty.

What if I cannot attend this time?

You may be excused from attending for jury service if you have a good reason which affects your ability to serve on a jury. These may include:

  • certain childcare responsibilities,
  • temporary absence from your home (e.g. pre-booked holiday commitments),
  • sickness or a disability,
  • exams or study commitments.

As each personal circumstances are different, each application to be excused is considered on its own merit. Applications should be written in the space provided on the back of your jury summons and faxed or posted to the address shown on the summons as soon as possible.

Please include copies of any documents that support your application to be excused such as proof of travel or a medical certificate. For a work related reason, a supporting letter from your employer should be supplied. Students seeking to be excused on the basis of their studies need to provide a copy of examination timetables or attendance requirements. Penalties apply for supplying false information.

If you do not receive a written response from the Sheriff's office, please do not assume that you have been excused from attendance. If you have not received written notification that you have been excused please telephone the jury information line or your local Sheriff's office (listed on your summons) for the result of your application.





















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