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We encourage solo travellers to join our tours. Our Drivers and Tour Directors are very welcoming, and will help to make you feel part of the team. We find our guests are very friendly, and often make lifelong friendships on our tours.

There are a number of ways you can join one of our tours as a solo traveller: including the use of the single supplement, sharing with a friend or asking us to find someone to share with you if you cannot find a friend or partner to travel with.

The single supplement is a levy charged by hotels which covers the fact that when there are two people using a room, the cost of the room is halved. Sometimes All Australian Journey is able to negotiate with hotels to reduce the single supplement, or even to waive it for specific tours, and from time to time these will be advertised here. Hotels also often have what they call "Single Rooms", which are usually smaller than the other rooms and they offer them for a per person twin share rate and do not add a single supplement. These rooms are usually limited in availability, so we would encourage you to book early.

We may be able to find you someone to share with on the tour, by submitting your name to us as "willing to share" or perusing the list below of tours where people have already indicated their interest in having a room mate.

We do require that if you volunteer to share that you consider your personal habits and advise us of the following information:
* whether or not you are a smoker.
* whether or not you snore.
* whether or not you have any night time routines or other issues that could be disruptive to someone sharing your room.
* your age/fitness level
* any health conditions that may impact on your ability to share
* you must be willing for us to share your name and phone number (can be mobile) with others who are willing to share.

Once we know that you are willing to share, your tour will be listed below, as well as whether or not you are a male or female (we only match females with females and males with males!).

If you are looking to travel on a tour that has someone willing to share, contact our office and we will arrange for you to contact the other person by telephone to arrange a telephone contact or even meeting if you live in the same town and can arrange it.

Prior to us finalising a match, you must have discussed the above issues with your potential room mate. We cannot guarantee that the person we match you with will end up being your best friend, but in most cases, with open and honest communication before you share, it does work out well.

Some people are very flexible and can share with other people very easily, but do keep in mind that you are not each other's keeper. You are not responsible for each other's care or health. It is important that if you are not able to travel independently that you do not opt to share in order to find a carer.

You can enjoy your holiday independently even if you are sharing a room with someone. You don't have to sit together at meals, or on the coach. It is a good idea to give each other a bit of space, and this enables you to meet and mix with other people on the tour.

Please note that where you request to share with another passenger, thus avoiding the single supplement, should the arrangement terminate prior to the end of the tour, you will be liable for any additional costs levied by hotels or other accommodation providers. The company shall not be liable for any of these costs. They shall be borne equally by both sharing parties, regardless of how the arrangement is terminated or who terminates it.

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